יולי 19, 2012, category: בלי כסף

The open source concept started on the internet with computer software such as linux, php, firefox... Communities of programmers have formed and delivered for free an amazing range of products that have most of the time surpassed in quality their corporate equivalent.
This is the living example of how a paradist society could function without the money as the source of motivation to create the products that fulfil our needs.

The open source community is motivated by the sheer desire to contribute positively to society. The spirit of making our creations available for free to everyone is the spirit that will drive paradism.

The open source movement is now spreading to the hardware. The technology, the design and the instructions for building products are made open source, available for free without any copyright and royalties.
This is allowing anyone on earth wherever they may be to enjoy other people's creations in a "build it yourself" way.

The open source movement announces the end of the for profit corporation model as it is expanding to all products and innovations.
Paradism is open source everything.

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